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April 1, 2012

iPad 3 Review

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The iPad 3 has been out on the market for a few weeks now and has had record sales over its competitors. Here is a video review on the complete in and outs on the new Apple product.

March 22, 2012


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Pinterest and all its glory

Workshop #2: Editing Files Using Photoshop

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For my second workshop I attended the a small session in the JC Starlab. I met with Victor Santos who helped me with some tips using photoshop.

Photoshop is a very good tool to be able to use. You can do absolutely anything you put your mind to. You can edit photos, make gifs, even take completely change a file from top to bottom.

some helpful tips
– When you choose a “Move” tool, you can move the layer by one pixel if you use keyboard cursor keys.

– When you delete a layer using a trash icon, you always get this annoying message. To bypass it, hold Alt and click the trash icon.

-If you want to play with an image and are afraid of losing information because Photoshop does not allow multi-level Undo, choose Image -> Duplicate and your image will be duplicated so that you can play with it without fearing of screwing your image up.

-To quickly duplicate a layer, drag its thumbnail onto the “create a new layer” button (to the left of the trash icon).

March 21, 2012

Bye Bye iPad 2

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So with the new iPad 3 recently being released, people have found some interesting and creative ways to get rid of their old ones..

iPad 3 Cover Fail

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The newly released iPad 3 has a newly found flaw. The popular flip cover that is supposed to turn the iPad on when opened doesn’t work! This is upset many iPad and iPad 2 users because the case was so expensive. Apple is currently trying to fix this issue and will release a statement in the near future. The reason that this is such an issue is that the cover isn’t a 3rd party accessory but an apple product.

iPad 3? Yes Please.

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Wow, this really blew my mind!

Briggs Chapter 9

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In Briggs Handbook, Journalism Next, Chapter 9 is titled “Data-Driven Journalism and Digitizing Your Life”. This basically means the importance of data in any news story.

Briggs goes on to say that technology is all around us, why not use it?
Tools can only help you as a news journalist. There are so many free things online that one can use to their advantage that it would be dumb not to.

Briggs also talks about how important it is to keep organized on your PC or MAC.
Some tips he gives his readers are as follows:

– Always keep all your files on your PC properly named and in there correct folders so that they are easy to find
– Have your emails in folders according to events or news
– Have all your contacts saved in case something happens and everything is lost.

Briggs Chapter 8

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In Briggs Handbook, Journalism Next, Chapter 8 is all about video and how it is imported to use it to have a very successful blog. There are different hints he drops about videos to help them have a more positive effect rather than negative.

The length of the video is very important. A video of a minute or 2 is bound to get a lot more hits than a 10 minute video. You have to keep your audience’s attention.

Video is important when covering events and news because it gives the viewer a sense that they were actually there when whatever it was happened.

Workshop #1 BBC 5 Shot Method

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The BBC has created a method of short film captures to be able to tell a story to your audience in a very crafty and unique way. This is called the 5 shot method.

The shots are as follows:

-Medium Shot: The establishing shot. An example of how it would begin would be to focus on someone talking. The camera stays focused on one item.
-Close-up Shot: Establish the people that are being featured in the story
-Action Shot: A shot of someone (relation to the topic) doing something
-Over the Shoulder: This is of one featured person talking to another
-Pan: Let the audience see that what they are hearing matters by showing a large group of people

March 8, 2012

Google Docs Skillset

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